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She was also known as Ix Kan Ajaw or “Lady Snake Lord.” That name was inscribed on a small alabaster pot near her tomb. Ceramic containers, a considerable amount of jade jewelry and thousands of obsidian stones and knives were also found. Discovering her remains was one of the most important discoveries for Guatemala’s ancient Maya civilization. Historians believe she was the most powerful person in the kingdom of Calakmul, a Mayan community opposed to the influential King ‘El Zotz’ ruling the Tikal kingdom. Guatemala’s ancient Mayan civilization reached its splendor between the years 250 and 900. Today, Indigenous and Black women in Guatemala have been more visible while gaining more ground. They are redefining feminism, questioning racist structures, transforming justice systems and making great art.

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  • Each single Guatemalan girl seems to be good and likes to take good care of her facial space and physique, and gown effectively.
  • Garbage collectors found her body, wrapped in plastic, next to a canal in Guatemala City.

Since the dawn of colonisation in Guatemala, lucrative farmland, political connections, and industrial might have been maintained—by force when necessary—by the ladinos. As a result, Maya in Guatemala are among the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere. Indigenous communities increasingly rely on remittances, money sent from relatives working abroad back to their family in their country of origin, to meet their basic needs. More than ten percent of Guatemala’s economy as measured by gross domestic product is generated by remittances. While data in recent years is suggesting a “genderization” of immigration, migrants from Guatemala who migrant for economic reasons tend to be male.

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Agents find a 10-foot hole in the border fence near Gordon’s Well exit/Schneider’s Bride area, 30 miles east of Highway 115. He said he did not know the details of their journey but that his sister is devastated at her daughter’s death and that the last moments they shared together were in the back of the SUV.

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The program proposes to increase women’s access to other programs who will give support to their economic ventures, securing sustainable incomes and raising quality of life; also enable them participation in decisions that affect their lives and communities. Comprehensive programs to prevent violence against women and girls help them reduce the obstacles they face to participate as equals in the labor market, get education and in the public sphere. Assure access to specialized centers will help women raise their self-esteem and give comprehensive care to women survivors of VAW, give them new opportunities including financial options to handle their own resources. Access to justice will increase and impunity reduced if judges are better trained and a system is set up to supervise the outcomes of the implementation of the specialized courts. The sustainability of all these actions will be assured through a comprehensive approach and interaction between women’s political, financial and physical independence for the exercise of a full citizenship. Given the post-conflict nature of the Guatemalan State empowering women contributes to solidify peace and respect of women’s human rights, and assure a sustainable progress in line with what was established in the Peace Accords.

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Citizen and foreign women and girls have been victims of sex trafficking in Guatemala. They are raped and experience physical and psychological trauma in brothels, homes, and other locations. The illegal transporting and sexual assault of migrants from Latin America to the United States is a problem. The Guatemalan Women’s Group was officially founded in 1988, and in 1991, they opened their first Center for Integrated Support for Women in Guatemala City with the goal of providing an integrated package of services to women survivors in the capital.

I know I won’t be able to change him, but with my sons and daughters, I’m hoping to make a difference and help them understand more about their identity. Because they must have values, and my daughters need to be respected and valued as the women they are. My sons must understand that marrying does not mean hiring a maid, they should collaborate at home, and respect their partners. In the meeting room at the heart of the office, the women gather around a large table for their weekly session and to share a lunch of pork rinds, tortillas, lamb, lemon and avocado. Despite enduring social taboos, they have learned to talk about their personal experiences as a mechanism for finding a collective voice and awakening their political consciousness. An exploration of violence, mental health and substance abuse in post-conflict Guatemala. “In my sister’s case, it only moved forward because the judges who had the courage to deal with it were women. Guatemala has shown that in different areas of the political spectrum, women have had more courage and commitment than the men to deal with the country’s problems.”

Stuck in Guatemala, Lubia and her two other sisters moved into a small apartment, where they share a single bed. She has dyed the tips of her hair purple, a style she’s grown fond of. Her face often falls back into the wide smile of the past, when her mother enrolled her in local beauty contests. In June, she finished sixth grade at the local school, which she loves. Her older brother keeps the graduation certificate on the small dining table. His daughter play-fought with her nephew, who never tired, no matter how many handfuls of grass she stuffed down his shirt, or how many times he retreated in tears. Mr. Sasvin Dominguez said he and his daughter spent four days in Texas, in a facility with no windows.

But in this extremely Catholic country, even women who have been the victims of rape are forbidden to have an abortion. Abortions, which have always been a taboo topic in Guatemala, continue to be considered a criminal redirected here offense; many women end up in prison for years for having had one. Carmen Quintela is another woman who wants to change this state of affairs. Quintela, a Spanish journalist, ended up in Guatemala eight years ago.