She had moved in beside me and my good friend after we was in fact together for around 6 months

She had moved in beside me and my good friend after we was in fact together for around 6 months

After 1 . 5 years, my pal moved around. We had been residing off London during the time, therefore we had a substantial amount of space for not that a lot revenue.

As soon as we broke up, the contract on our flat wasna€™t right up for another three months and neither people could manage to stick to at home alone, so we chose to stay living together. This was produced somewhat easier of the simple fact that we’d individual room on different floor surfaces.

In a weird way, i do believe residing together made the problem easier a€“ it actually was a slow changeover, rather than a sharp, immediate end to your connection. We were nevertheless most partial to a€“ and emotionally dependent on a€“ one another. We consented some ground procedures (including to not deliver schedules over) and, generally speaking, I think it absolutely was probably a relief for all of us both, despite it getting really painful during the time.

The challenge with living together ended up being that we battled to live aside whenever all of our deal found a conclusion. For several months, we continued to stay at additional each othera€™s residences a€“ the process of completely separating dragged on.

What living with each other performed manage however, was actually ensure we were municipal to each other through the break up processes. Now, inside huge lesbian heritage, shea€™s certainly one of my close friends.a€?

Luke, 28: a€?Neither folks desired to go outa€?

“Ia€™d experienced a connection with my girlfriend for four many years whenever we broke up. We were both hectic younger professionals who had just relocated to London. We realised we loved carrying out various things and collectively chose to stop it.

At the time, we were staying in a two-bed suite with another pair a€“ my best friend from college with his girl, which struggled to obtain the two of us. Nevertheless, there was clearly quite a bit of area so we never ever decided we had been going for each othera€™s feet.

Following the split, we wound up residing along for the next six months, mostly revealing alike bed (but Ia€™d sometimes sleep on the sofa). While some may believe this was an odd decision, it absolutely was actually okay. Our very own scenario worked out because we had been both focussing on the carers, still had gotten on effectively with these housemates, and werena€™t seeking go out others.


We had been quite lucky a€“ we performedna€™t experiences a lot of awkward times and fundamentally I discovered that occasionally activities dona€™t workout however, if you admire each other and take circumstances the correct way, you’ll avoid the crisis of an awkward split nevertheless remain close friends.

Sarah, 27: a€?We werena€™t quite positive just how to work around each othera€?

We performedna€™t understand both before signing the house agreement a€“ we had mutual company at the time have been trying to find housemates a€“ then when we moved in with each other, we had been located in individual areas.

After online dating for some time, we realized we were completely incompatible. We split several months inside household express but were not able to go as we had almost annually left on all of our deals. Rather, we made a decision to just take every single day whilst arrived.

I do believe we were blessed the connection isna€™t particularly severe so we hadna€™t come together for decades generally there ended up beingna€™t way too much upset. The good thing is, we never faced way too many embarrassing glances across the table at morning meal or while preparing as Ia€™m truly a morning individual whereas he had been most certainly not.

That said, it was somewhat awkward which our rooms comprise next-door together, particularly when I begun matchmaking some body while we were still living together.


While we never had a big or a lot tension live together throughout that seasons, i discovered they somewhat liberating whenever we eventually could actually move out. After getting out, we didn’t remain company therefore we hasna€™t talked since.

I discovered that you must never begin online dating anyone you are about to relocate with. Quite, you need to wait until you are aware whether you are able to stay managing all of them before leaping into something!”

Rachel Davies, a councillor at commitment charity Relate, provides five easy methods to alleviate the transition of living along after splitting up:

  1. Recognize ita€™s perhaps not an ideal plan

“Dona€™t make an effort to posses impractical objectives of exactly what might appear of residing together after a break up. End up being clear concerning the situation and put some policies in place. Preferably, make sure you have your own individual room (for example a different bed), and exercise once you plan to render supper, utilize the restroom, and do the washing. Residing together post break up is a short-term option but need some serious thinking and discussion.

  1. Posses mutual respect per various other

Think of the condition as a home express and recognise youa€™re not any longer in a commitment along with your ex, somewhat they truly are today the housemate. You both require a sincere co-existence so this might involve making use of headphones in place of speakers to relax and play sounds, or asserting that previously discussed products such as for example whole milk, bath ties in and toothpastes are to be ordered and made use of independently. If you feel discussing one thing may cause dispute, keep it simple and easy individual.

  1. Set a time maximum

If you decide to reside along, always arranged a period restrict throughout the plan. Also, it is vital that you sometimes check in with one another so you both understand the condition is not unrestricted. If an individual party feels bad across breakup they could over worry about the functional arrangements because of their ex. However, know that their particular living situation is no longer your online business. Hold interaction available but never pry within their plans.